Friday, February 12, 2010

The start of a new hobby

Ever since I stopped doing wet chemistry lab experiments, I sort of missed the mixing, stirring, heating and scraping. But due to the hazardous nature of wet lab (and clumsy nature of yours truly), I switched to doing dry lab 4 years ago.

How nice if I can actually do all the mixing, stirring, heating and scraping in a non-hazardous way! And the thought of baking crossed my mind. Ever since my grandma brought the oven to my kitchen 5 years ago, I've been wanting to try to bake a few simple stuff, but I have never got around to doing it. Firstly, I do not have many baking utensils at home. Secondly, baking requires a lot of preparation and cleaning up. Thirdly, I never had the time and energy to do it, especially at the thought of weekly wet chemistry lab experiments during my undergraduate years puts me off at all the weighing, mixing and washing.

Actually it all started with going to Esther's place to bake pineapple tarts for the upcoming Lunar New Year. The last time I tried my hand at baking was probably at XL's place 3 years ago, baking shortbread as door gifts for her birthday chalet. Although the pineapple tart crust did not turn out fantastically well, I had a lot of fun in the baking process. It's like doing a lab experiment all over again. You read the recipe like you read a lab manual. You weigh the ingredients like you weight out the reagents. You mix the ingredients into a dough just like you mix the reagents in a flask. You bake the batter just like you reflux the reaction mixture. No wonder people(refers to other chemists) say chemists make great cooks!

So I started looking for simple recipes to start this new interest of mine. And of course, I had to get utensils and ingredients. Despite my mum's objections, I bought a few essential tools like mixing bowl, spatula, electric mixer, cake tins etc. With my interest growing, I'm sure the available space in my kitchen cabinet will start shrinking!


  1. I can see ur baking stuffs all over the kitchen area..we were looking at u, keeping them..then we were like..they are all over the storage space =)

  2. No choice, I can't possibly ask my mum to reserve a cabinet for me. Haha

  3. i think my mum would..coz she knows i wld make a mess by placing things everywhere like u..haha