Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cat Mountain King Puffs: Durian Puffs

After our successful cream puffs last month, we decided to make durian puffs. Yesterday mummy and I went to get durians and mummy got the Mao Shan Wang durians without hesitation. It costs $18! What a waste to use it for durian puffs, but mummy insists it won't be a waste.

The puff pastry was disappointing as the first batch deflated a little when I lowered the temperature. I guess I should have waited till the pastry turned brown before lowering the temperature. I did that for the second batch and it was better. We only mixed a little cream with the durian as we did not like cream and would prefer more durian taste. Turns out the puff is a tad too dry with too little cream. But I actually don't mind because I hate the fatty taste of cream. Thankfully the durians were fragrant and sweet!

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