Sunday, April 18, 2010

As Bad as it Looks

I wanted to challenge myself to make a loaf bread, but since I did not have a loaf pan, I decided to try the recipe which uses a tube pan to make a ring loaf. Moreover, it's a chocolate loaf, which is even better for me. But it turned out to be another disaster.

My arms were aching after 3 hours of lightstick-waving at last night's concert, it was tough kneading the dough. After 1 hour, I let it to proof even though it did not pass the window pane test.
Shaping the dough was a nightmare. I tugged and pulled at it but it refused to keep in shape. It looked worse after the 2nd proofing. The surface was rough and bumpy, I thought it will become smooth after baking but I was totally wrong.

I think I have overbaked it. The top was hard, crispy and bitter. The inside was rough and the smell was weird, sort of like a sourish smell. I wonder if it was due to me kneading the dough on a plastic surface, and the plastic had an effect on the smell. No conclusion yet, the only conclusion was that the bread was not suitable for our consumption.

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