Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joy of Hand Kneading: Buns

This is my second try of the buns with chocolate filling recipe which I first tried last week. This time round, I put in more effort in kneading the dough, but I still couldn't get the dough to pass the window pane test after kneading for more than 30 minutes. I gave up and let it to proof.

After the first rise, I divided the dough equally into 6 pieces by weighing the dough. I can't seem to shape the doughs into smooth round balls though.
After the second rise, the dough expanded by quite a bit. I realised that the size of the doughs were quite different. Was the yeast unevenly distributed?

The freshly baked buns. I added some flour on the buns before baking to give it a rustic feel. Bad move. The flour started flying all over the table when I moved the buns. Taste wise, this was not as dense and chewy as those I made last week. But my mum complained about it being bitter. I'm not sure why as the rest of us did not have this problem. I still wonder if the yeast was unevenly distributed.

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