Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sidekick: Almond Crisps

Since the chicken pie requires one egg yolk, I have an extra egg white. I decided to try the almond crisps recipe.

The batter was supposed to be runny! I have no idea why mine became a dough instead.
Instead of using a spoon to spread it, I had to use my fingers because the dough is too thick to use a spoon.

It became more like cookies than crisps. Haiz.


  1. looks nice lehz..but i rem u dun like almond..haha

  2. Almond nuts are ok. But not almond powder, almond milk, almond tea, almond tofu, you get my point.

  3. it does taste okie..but not like thin thin crisps?

  4. Ok normal cookie...a bit hard though. It's supposed to be thin crisps but mine failed, though it's still edible.