Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Kitchen Mishap

I wanted to try out another muffin recipe and Oreo muffins seems tempting and easy! But I couldn't be more wrong. Just from the picture above, you can see that the muffins turned out to be a disaster. Dry and hard. Last week's muffins were too soft and mushy, this week's muffins were hard and dry.

The batter was so dry, it looked more like cookie dough, even though I added more milk, it didn't help. Or perhaps I stirred it for too long? And I guess I've overbaked it. The weird thing is, I expected it ro rise, but they only rised a little. I wonder if I've misread the recipe. Anyway, I made 8 small muffins and looks like I have to finish them off on my own again.

And I've made these again. At least these cookies helped to keep my spirits up.

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