Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oven's Off-day: Meat Pau

I've decided to work without my oven today. I'm tempted to try out Chinese-styled buns when I saw XP's successful attempts. Honestly, this is more difficult than making cakes, because I have no idea how to prepare the fillings. The preparation of the pau skin is similar to making bread so that is not as alien to me as marinating the fillings.

I have no idea how much soy sauce or salt to add in. In the end I followed the recipe given in the video. I wish I have more experience in cooking, then perhaps I can do a much better estimation.
I don't want to buy a whole packet of bleached HongKong flour just to try this out, so I used plain flour instead, but I know that the buns will be yellowish. I find the dough a bit hard and dry. Again, I can't be bothered with the window pane test and let it to proof.
Wrapping the fillings in is a disaster. But you can't expect much from a first-timer though (excuses).

The steamed buns are huge. I wonder if they have been proofed for too long. Anyway, the skin is too thick and the fillings is very bland. I should have added more soy sauce. Haiz. Looks like I have to polish everything off by myself again. 3 down, 5 more to go.

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