Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kitchen Experiments

The main lead today is neither of these. It's supposed to be carrot cake made from scratch. But there is no verdict yet as the cake needs to be chilled overnight and fried into our favourite chai tow kway. But as the steaming of the cake takes a long time, I have plenty of time to try out some recipes, albeit with careful time planning.

Upon my mum's request, I made another batch of Huat Kueh, a whole batch this time round. I made a few variations this time round to try means and ways to make the cakes "huat".

MY told me that during her job stint at a bakery, she used egg white to make the cakes huat. I tried her method: use a spatula dipped in egg white and draw a cross on the cake. Well, it didn't work for me. I used different sized cups and it turns out that the small souffle cups work better. I've read that the cups used must be deep enough. Perhaps my large souffle cups are too shallow. I tried a different recipe as well, where all the flour in the cake is rice flour. The recipe is more troublesome because the batter needs to be left to rest for some time for the baking powder to do its job. All the cakes huat, regardless of cup size, but the taste is horrid.

I managed to squeeze in one batch of apple muffins while the cakes were steaming. I had always wanted to try these, as I wanted a change from the usual chocolate muffins. These are soft and much better than the corn muffin mix I used last week.

After all the steaming and baking, I decided to try out a simple recipe: 蔥油餅. Last week, I requested my mum to make a 蔥油餅 look-alike using frozen prata and egg. This week, I decided to make the dough from scratch as it is healthier. The dough is easy to make, but its almost tasteless, because I did not add in enough salt. And, since there is no fat in the dough, there is a lack of fragrance. Nevertheless, I feel acomplished because I finallt fried sometime edible on my own. Lol.

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