Saturday, October 9, 2010

Repeat Telecast

I had not intended to make yam cake this week. But my grandma requested for it, and we had leftover yam in the freezer as well. So here we go: repeat telecast of yam cake.

This time round, I know what to expect while preparing the batter. After frying the ingredients, I off the flame and poured the flour mixture. Since the wok and the ingredients are hot, the heat will be able to cook the batter till thick, without drying out the batter. The cake is softer this time round,, only complaint is that I'm too generous with the salt!

My lunch: red bean soup with leftover 芋圓. Now I know the importance of dumping the cooked balls into iced water after cooking. The balls were much chewier! Even though it's quite troublesome to prepare a bowl of iced water.

I was craving for this fruit pastry cake and decided to bake them into cupcakes before I take a 3-week break from the kitchen. The texture is soft and moist and the lemon zest made the cake refreshing.

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