Friday, November 5, 2010

Towards the Horizon

Samyang Ranch, South Korea, 2010

I'm especially fond of places like this: big areas of greenery, few people, no high-rise buildings. It's practically impossible to find such places in Singapore, so whenever I go overseas, I would try to visit places like this, even if it means long hours of travelling.

What is so special about such places? To me, it's the horizon. The place where the sky and the green grassland meets, without the obstruction of buildings. Whenever I see such a scenery, I feel a urge to keep running towards the horizon, even though I know I will never reach the point where the sky and the ground meets. I guess that's the way I feel about life too. Running towards somewhere, but knowing that no matter how far you run, you will never see what you expect to see.

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