Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black and White: Sesame Cookies

I had a hard time deciding on what to bake this week. Usually, I will have a long list of ideas and couldn't make up my mind. But this week, I have no ideas at all. I was craving for chocolate muffins, but I decided not to bake anything heaty as my whole family is down with the "heaty syndrome". Then perhaps a batch of corn muffins then. But you know I won't be satisfied with just baking muffins, so I added in a batch of sesame cookies from a new book I bought during my recent trip to Taipei.

Using the same recipe as before, I reduced the honey this time round to half of the original. Somehow I don't like the smell of the honey when used in baking. By reducing it, the smell is reduced, but at the same time, it became rather tasteless.

I bought 2 baking books from Taipei, both in Chinese. I'm ok with reading the ingredients and instructions in Chinese. In fact, I like Chinese recipes because they usually use less sugar, which is suited to my asian tastebud. Both books have very elaborate recipes, to the point that I feel intimidated by the long list. For a start, I chose the easiest recipe: cookies.

I'm a fan of sesame, either black or white, either sweet or savoury. I had fun baking these and I love piping the dough into small discs. I have to admit they look pretty good! But taste-wise, it's not really fantastic. Well,'s sesame!

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