Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fairy on Leave

My baking fairy (if I actually had one) apparently went on leave this week. I thought chiffon cupcakes should be no issue for me since I had done chiffon cakes a few times before. But this week's attempt was full of boo-boos.

The first sign of trouble came while I was separating the eggs. I took out 3 eggs to defrost although I intended to use only 2. But the first egg yolk got smashed while I broke the egg shell. No choice, that will go into cooking the custard. The second and third eggs were no better. Both yolks broke during separation. Although I managed to salvage most of the whites, there was traces of yolk in the whites. Of course, I still went ahead with the project. I did manage to beat the whites to soft peaks, but I seriously doubt the outcome of the cakes.

The batter was less than I expected, but it looks reasonably light and fluffy. The smell of the cakes baking was actually very nice, even though no flavouring was added. Then my worst fear came through: the cakes shrank significantly when they were out of the oven. One of them shrank so much, the texture of the cake is almost like kueh. I suspect it's due to the egg whites.

Then cake disaster number 2: cooking custard. I never had much luck with using milk for custard. It's always lumpy and too milky for my liking. After straining, it still looks decent, but I would rather use orange juice for custard.

Since the cake collapsed, there was not much room for the custard. I had to try my best to "force' the custard into the cakes. Tastewise, it isn't too bad, but I had expected it to be lighter and fluffier. Surprisingly, my sister quite like the cakes!

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