Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fourth Consecutive Week...of Macarons.

I'm definitely having macarons and sugar overdose. I delibrately saved the egg whites, instead of using one whole egg, from yesterday's pastry cream to make a batch of macarons. With the flu season coming on now, I decided to cut down on chocolate and used coffee instead. I used the ever-reliable David Lebovitz recipe, which I had much success with, and replaced 2/3 of the cocoa powder with instant coffee powder.

My blender is not powerful enough to grind the coffee granules to powder, which explains the brown spots on the surface. I think I have under-mixed this batch, as the peaks stayed on instead of going down to a smooth surface.

The feet were not as tall as I hoped it would be. But at least, it's still there. I've decided not to try cooking caramel, for the fear of burning my kitchen down, so I used vanilla buttercream instead. Well, it's actually not a real buttercream because I did not use egg whites. It's just butter, icing sugar and a little milk. I guess it's just me, but the thought of using raw egg whites makes me uncomfortable.


  1. the macarons look so lovely (: for caramel, you just need to take care of it, no worries that you'll burn down the kitchen (:

  2. Thanks Jasmine! I'm keen on trying it out...but I'm really disastrous with the stove. Perhaps one day when I've gathered some courage, I'll give it a go. Haha.

  3. Pretty little macarons! wow, the feets rose so tall inside the oven~ :)

  4. i understand the feeling perfectly! once you get the hang of it, it will make you crave for more! perfect macarons! i love your feets!

  5. Hey Cathy, yeah...only in the oven. It collapsed to half its height while cooling...hahaha.

    Hey Jess, yes yes...I'm already thinking of other flavours to make! When they don't turn out well, I'll be 不甘心 and try again. When they turn out well, I'd think it's fun and try again. Oh dear.

  6. Hi Spear,
    You have wonderful macarons!! I've tried but mine was a failure. Do you know what could have caused the top cracked, centre was hollow and bottom stuck to the parchment paper?
    Thanks. Leen

  7. Hi Leen, thanks for dropping by.
    I'm no macaron expert, but I guess your batter might have been overmixed.
    I had the same problems on my first 2 tries. I reckon there could be 2 reasons for my failure: 1) I have over-mixed the batter 2) I used a 0.5cm piping tip, and I squeezed the bag too hard to pipe out, resulting in a deflated batter, but I haven't confirmed on this yet. Either way, seems like a problem of deflated meringue.

    You can try the David Lebovitz recipe here:, which involves a stronger meringue, and thus a decreased chance of deflating the batter.

    For more tips you can check out these 2 very detailed posts:

    Good luck! =)

  8. Hi Spear,

    Glad I found your blog through Jean's. Will be dropping by more often from now.

    Actually, the egg whites used in meringue buttercreams are safe to consume cos they are heated/cooked to a temperature where the salmonella virus is killed off.

  9. Hi ZY,
    Thanks for dropping by! I'm actually a frequent reader of your blog. =D
    Ok, thanks for the information! I think I'm just being paranoid...haha. I'll give it a try next time.