Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bailey's Chocolate Cake

Buying alcohol from the airport's DFS seems to be common practise among travellers and that's how my home's stash of alcohol comes from, courtesy of my sister. She has became a wine-lover recently and is always keen to buy different kinds of wine and alcoholic drinks whenever she has a chance to shop at DFS. This also explains the origin of this bottle of Bailey's Irish cream.

I have never liked Bailey's on its own, so I was counting on my sister to finish the whole bottle on her own. Apparently, she isn't a fan too, to the point of asking me to incorporate Bailey's into my baking projects. Other than using it for tiramisu, I really have no idea what I can do with this almost-full bottle of Baileys. I was quite glad to see a recipe of Irish cream chocolate cake that uses a substantial amount of Baileys. Perhaps a good chance to use up a little more of the unwanted liquor.

The cake was easy to prepare, but the outcome was not what I had expected. It's dense and heavy, almost "kueh-like". I still prefer the crumbly classic chocolate cake.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tart, Tangy, Lemon Bars

No, my baking activity is not on hiatus although I haven't been updating my baking projects. It's just that the past 2 baking attempts have not been very successful. 2 weeks ago, I made a no-bake mango yogurt cake wih leftover sponge fingers from the tiramsu. It wasn't entirely a failure, just that the sponge fingers were "swimming around" in the yogurt mixture and te outcome wasn't a pretty sight, so I decided to abandon the photo-taking session. The cake was refreshing and I actually like the soggy sponge fingers.

Last week was my first attempt in making lemon bars. I have bookmarked the recipe for the lemon bars since last year, and I finally got down to baking it last week. The outcome was a total disaster and is a typical example of the saying 厲害就好,不要假厲害. I'm so used to lining baking tins with parchment paper, I decided to do the same for the lemon bars. What a huge mistake that was. The shortcrust pastry pulled away from the sides and bottom from the pan after baking and the filling seeped through the sides and bottom. It was still edible though, just that I had to scrap the lemon curd from the bottom of the cake tin and spread it on the pastry, like butter on toast.

With the failed attempt last week, I decided to give it another try this week, sans the parchment paper.

The shortcrust pastry still pulled away slightly from the pan, but I was positive the filling will not seep through like the previous attempt. As for the filling, I decreased the sugar by a quarter. Perhaps I have beatened the mixture too much, there were ttoo much bubbles.

I should have strained the filling before pouring onto the pastry. The bubbles left an unsightly white film on the surface. Here comes icing sugar to the rescue.

I like the tangy filling and the fragrance of fresh lemons. But the pastry was not as crisp as I hoped it would be.